Discover the 4-Step Process For Closing Deals Over the Phone Including How to Determine the Offer Price in This Crazy Market...

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WARNING: We can only accept a LIMITED number of people into Syndicate9 at any given time.


There is a physical limit to the number of people we can accept at our business-building meetings in order to keep them intimate.



After you apply, one of my coaches will give you a call to discuss your application.


This is a no-pressure call—you and the coach will go over the program to make sure The Syndicate9 is a good fit for you.


After you go over all the details with your coach, they will let you know what the next steps are for moving forward.


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Sean Terry


P.S. If you don’t put systems in place, your business will run your life. Never forget that the purpose of your business is to serve your life, not the other way around.


Attend the Syndicate9 Mastermind to learn how to create and implement systems that will allow your business to serve you.


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DISCLAIMER:  Sean Terry and students talked about in the webcast and/or this page, have had unusual success with real estate. Most of the people who follow our techniques do not apply his strategies therefore do not make any money. Don't let that happen to you. Take what we learn and take action with it!